The Fancy Girls.

Courtney Allen grew up in Boise and graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Human Resources. A hard worker even in her early years, Courtney worked in retail all the way through college, gaining experience from powerhouses like The Gap and Pottery Barn. Her brother claims he recalls the exact moment when the tomboy and sports lover he grew up with traded in her basketball shorts for body-con dresses and sky-high heels (but we’re sure Courtney was still rockin’ a mad look on the basketball court).

She’s the energizer bunny of small business owners. Her savviness and dedication to her trade are well known throughout the Treasure Valley. If there’s one super power Court possesses, it’s her unearthly ability to remember every detail of her customers’ Fancy Pants shopping history. The girl is a walking fashion encyclopedia. Buy a pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans from her in 2007 and she’ll probably greet you by name and suggest similar styles (in the perfect size) the minute you walk through the door five years later.

Girls want to be her. Guys want to date her (and the whole city wants to play match-maker with Court!) But one thing is for sure – This Fancy gal’s heart belongs to fashion.

Jaime Petrilli was born in Bakersfield, California, but grew up an Idaho spud and graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Finance. Joining forces with Courtney to open the store at the tender age of 24, Jaime’s business sense and sharp wit were wise beyond her years. Gaining the reputation as the fashionista who likes to take chances with her style, we all roll our jealous eyes and are baffled by the way she can bring any questionable designer piece to life just by slipping it on over her smiling face. The ultimate shopper, Jaime has tried on every item in the store at least a dozen times (and knows exactly how everything fits). Best of all, she will willingly and enthusiastically be your live model any time you’re too unmotivated to try things on yourself.

Bringing her second wonderful child into the world in June, Jaime never compromised her personal style for pregnancy, adorning this season’s trends to a T, practically making her tiny little basketball belly a must-have trend. Barely 3 months later and she’s already back to old self, bouncing around the store creating hot new looks, making us laugh all the way through the day.



  1. WOW-WEE-Bo-ZOWEE!!! I just RAN smack-Dab into this site while searching for inspiration pictures for a comic strip (the live comic chick popped up on google). One click and then another and POOF! Up popped Fancy Pants. At first I thought to myself “oh, this is just another blog” but then I thought “tee-hee! I call people Ms./Mr. Fancy Pants all the time” so out of shear curiosity I took a look. Then I took another. And then another. And now I’m hooked.
    I just moved to California about five months ago from Hawaii and MY GOODNESS are these girls down here SUPER concerned with Fashion. Just the other day my co-worker was telling me she wouldn’t date this guy cause “although he’s really fun and nice he wore an Ed Hardy flannel with hiking boots”. I’m slowly but surely starting to get the idea of the dynamic here in LA but I’m still fumbling here and there. I know ’cause the girls in the office aren’t very “quiet” about their distaste in my “unique” style. And here I always thought of myself as just some fun hippy.
    Anyway I’m rambling. I just wanted to drop a line or ten about how awesome this site is. Maybe one day I’ll go to Boise and buy some seriously fancy pants! 😉

  2. Why am I only discovering this blog today? You two are as lovely as it gets – thanks for all the fashion help over the years. xo

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