Early Bloomers.

Sometimes when the weather is dreary and your sweaters are looking tattered and you’re in a wardrobe slump, you search for any little item to incorporate into your chilly weather wardrobe without having to sacrifice a limb to frostbite. We have the answer. And the answer is floral.

Floral trousers, that is.

Who Wore What.

Patterned pants are ALL OVER the spring runways and floral skinnies are the perfect pop of color that will take you on a ride in the slushy snow all the way to sunshine town. That’s right. Sunshine town. Population: fashionistas.

Wear ’em high waisted with a nude top! Thats Not My Age

Throw on a breezy white blouse and a fun accent belt. (Is anyone else thinking leopard print or is that just me???) Pinterest.

Be prepared to see some floral variety in all shapes and sizes! Rag-Pony.

Feeling uber hipster and a wee bit ironic? Try rockin your floral with a cool band shirt or some super cool utility chic booties.  On It Like a Tramp On Chips.

Go glam with some strappy platforms and an elegant blouse. Glamour.

Or play with pastels with a sweeter-than-sugar sweater set. Doobie Tuesday.

We’re loving the dramatic black accents this season…Rubi Ilove.

A perfect example of it it’s never being too chilly to let them flowers bloom! Chictopia.


We’ve had our first floral arrival at FP (the J Brand Floral Capri) and there are more to come so stop on by and put some SPRING in your step!

xx FP



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