Dyin’ To Try Tie Dye.

Tie-Dye. I want to say “it’s back” but was it ever really gone…  really? I mean, ask any head shop or organic food store patron and they’ll confirm its undeniable psychedelic presence throughout time. Tongue and Chic.

Nevertheless, it’s popping up all over spring runways and chic swirled pieces of luscious fabric are drizzling into the FP all the live long day.

So its time, Fancy Friends, to embrace your inner hippie. Let us show you how. Dude.

Not a bright and shiny multi-colored fan? Not a problem. Black and white tie-dye pairs perfectly with tonal browns and greys. Fashion Over Reason.

And here we have Ms. Happy-Go-Lightly showing us how to ignore the color-scheme rule and play with unexpected accent colors. All while standing on one foot. Mash Street.

The seamless Ms. Polermo is rocking her cropped tie-dye jacket with a pastel floral dress and bare legs. Me-Ow. Rusty Mirror.

When the Vogue team is doing it, you know you’re safe. Fashion Indie.

The tie-dye police mean business. Chictopia.

Kate Beckinsale is looking uber cool sporting tie-dye leggings and easy grey top. Denimology.


…Tie-dying to find out what your Fancy Pants options are in store right now? Here’s a little taster! View more at FPSTYLE or stop in and find your fit!

xx FP


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