“Young Women – you’re going to be old some day. Don’t sweat it. Every era…It builds character.”

Todays post is dedicated to mothers.

Mothers give us life.

Mothers give us love.

 Mothers give us style.

We had the pleasure of having three generations of Fancy gals in the store this week when Courtney’s lovely mother and grandmother paid a visit.

“Stop being a pill, mother” and “Ooohhhh you have to have this!” were echoed back and forth between them along with carefully placed giddy squeals of excitement when they found pieces that fit like a glove.

Ahhhh, head-to-toe in Fancy Pants! Check Grandma out in her Elizabeth and James blazer, A.L.C. crew neck striped topJ brand 11″ Merlot skinnies and Dolce Vita taupe knee highs! She’s killin’ it!

What a joy to see three such powerful women supporting each other and sharing their (obviously inherent) sense of style.

Fashion truly has no age limit!


…And on that note, we invite you to revel in this fantastically eloquent video from NOWNESS.

xx FP


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