Move over, Leopard. There’s a new print in town.

SSSssslither down the ssssssssstreets thisssss sssssseason with the sssssssneaky eassse of a ssssssnake.

Wait. No. Don’t. Gross.

But you can definitely sass up your strut with the leopard print’s saucy cousin without looking like you’re standing in line to get into a seedy nightclub. In 1985.

Watch and learn, my fellow fearless fashionistas.

Skinny red accent belt. Arm party. Oh yeah, we could get used to this. Reflection Agency.

Disheveled denim and deep plumb ankle boot. Harpers.

Fergie-Ferg will never shy away from a slick animal print trend. Yahoo Lifestyle.

Perfectly simple, but not without edge, thanks to the peak-a-boo bra contrast. Meow! Gastrochic.

Got legs for days? This pant will bless you to the high heavens. Obviously. Cheyenne Meets Chanel.

Eeeven looks super cool in the parachute pant. Then again, who doesn’t look cool standing in front of the Eiffel Tower? Elle Online.

Looooving the tiered necklace under the denim jacket. She’s got old world/new world collision down to a science. Fashion Freax.

…I’m detecting a platform peep toe pattern with the snake pattern…pattern. And how about that BLUE?! Gastrochic.

Our favesies. Tomato silk top with a clean black shoe. Crashingred.


Where does one go to achieve such a cutting-edge look?

We’re so glad you asked!

In addition to a new shipment of the triumphant grey leopard stiletto, The Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny in Canvas  Boa just arrived at FP!

So come one, come all! They won’t last long!

SSSSSeeeeeeee you ssssssssssssssssoon!

xx FP


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