First Fancy Five…Done and Done!


You hear that?

That’s the sound of Fancy relief.

Our First Thursday Fancy Pants Fifth Birthday Party was a HUGE success thanks to all our fabulous Fancy fans who came out to help us celebrate on Thursday!

…and a special thanks to the lovely girls at Eye Candy Event Design for providing us with enough mouth-watering sweets to make us think twice the next time we reach for that snug party dress…

Shoppers poured in Thursday afternoon and buzzed on through the wee hours of the night! (Okay…maybe not weeeee hours…but we bid our last customer ado at 9:30pm!)

We had the lovely Jamie Verner hosting a delicious lip bar courtesy of Rejuv Medspa as well as offering a super secret special spa package to Fancy Pants shoppers who joined us during the event!

And we mustn’t leave out our party mascot – The Fancy Fashion Power Ball!

In honor of our FIFTH birthday, customers drew five gold and silver super secret folded notes from the bowl – each note containing a number – and the sum of all five number drawings totaled a customized discount on each purchase!

We had so much fun watching customers cheer each other on and high five after a good drawing!

Ooooooooooh….ahhhhhhhh…. Jamie’s fabulously colorful lip bar!

Even the dudes came out of the woodwork to update their denim threads (and we bet the spiked cider didn’t hurt either….)

And perhaps best of all, we raised a generous sum from our ultra giving customers to help sponsor a family in need this holiday season for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance of Boise!

…And because you get what you give, those who donated $20.o0 or more received a gift of  15% off their next Fancy Pants purchase or 20% off our online store!

To find out how YOU can give back, visit us in store at Fancy Pants or check out the WCA wishlist here!

Thanks again from all of us at Fancy Pants for your support these past five years. The best years are yet to come!

xx FP


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