Using Fanciness For Good

‘Tis the season for giving and we’re thrilled to take part in the warm and fuzzy feeling of spreading joy! Lots and lots of Fancy joy!

That’s why the Fancy Pants gals are hosting a small charity drive beginning this THURSDAY (December 1st) during our  party!

Help Fancy Pants raise money to sponsor a family in need this holiday season through the Women’s and Children’s Alliance of Boise. 

Fancy Pants will use donated funds to support a local family in need by providing them with whatever they need to get through the winter season as a family (new coats, toys, blankets and household goods).

As a thank you, Fancy Pants will take 15% off  the next purchase of all those who help this effort by donating $20 or more in store (by cash or check).

(Note: This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, including our Thursday (Dec. 1) raffle discount.)

All those who donate will also get their own THANK YOU ornament on our Fancy Pants Christmas tree!

See you all on Thursday! (Don’t forget the party starts at 5pm!)

xx FP


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