Blazin’ Good Style.

In case it hasn’t been made blindingly apparent to you already, the Fancy girls are all about contrast and style juxtaposition. So today’s trend to watch is brought to you by a piece of clothing that can make a man look as hum-drum as a potato sack, but can define edgy and comfortable style for a woman.

The blazer.

It’s been around for decades and means business. Literally. But we’ve been seeing a lot of skin and height added to this garment in recent seasons and we’re all about it. Big and boxy on top and slender and elongated on bottom. It’s a recipe for cool. (…just remember to stay on guard for cool breezes.)

The fashion army. Dolce and Gabbana A/W2o10. Ilxor.

Scott Schuman is obsessively photographing Garance Dore when she’s wearing pieces from his wardrobe. Good thing la femme is as chic and petite as he is! The Sartorialist.

Draped over the shoulders. We’ll call this last-minute-chic. Chictopia

Love the length and rolled sleeves (which still reach the wrist) on this look. The nude tones are stunning against her slender tan frame. The Sartorialist.

Love the youthful easy nature of this look. High waisted denim cut-offs, ankle boots and a loose top knot. How very London chic. Elle UK.

There’s aaaalways one Fancy Pants kickin’ gal in the group. Love when the bob matches the blazer. The Sartorialist.

Plaid blazer, white button down, leather shorts (!!!) and awesomely patterned tights. High fives for good risk-takers. Smashin.

Diggin’ the flash of white lapel. Elle UK.

Business on the top…party on the bottom. The Sartorialist.

And not to be outdone, here we have newly brunette FP gal Sara rockin an oversized blazer with our uber cool A.L.C. Bailey dress (available at!) paired with sheer black tights and sky high ankle booties. A perfect way to mix in the blazer+legs look when the weather’s not quite bare legged conducive.

Loads of new wintery and holiday shipments just arrived at the FP! Come on in this week before the holiday madness steals the limelight!

xx FP



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