Leopard print. No matter how many seasons I see it morph itself into slightly different versions of the former, I remain a faithful advocate of the saucy spots.

I mean, the versatility! It’s undeniable!

LOVE playing up a bold statement jacket with an understated burnout white T and a slim boyfriend jean. Hey lady, Vogue Italy called. They want their October feature spread back.  Global Fashion Report. 

Oh geez. Silk leopard blouse, perfect red lips and classic Rayban Wayfarers. She’s too cool for her own skin. We hate her. We love her. We hate her. We love her.Red Coco.

Holy. Moly. The hair matches the shoes. The skirt is fur. IT’S A FUR SKIRT, PEOPLE. We’re delightfully overstimulated here. Female Creature. 

New York chic.  The moto jacket and the distressed boyfriend jeans contrast well with the leopard by neutralizing the femininity of the look without crossing all the way over to masculine.  Fun Worth. 

Red hot skinny jeans and a bountiful topknot! Love it! Fab Sugar. 

Ah, yes. Vintage leopard. Strong shoulders, silk piping detail and high waisted black trousers. In case you haven’t noticed the trend, red lips are an absolute requirement here. Street Peeper. 

Well well well. What do we have here. Do we spot the Current/Elliott skinny jean in camel? The Fashion Stylista 

Evergreen fur, bright white hair, camel leather skirt and oversized leopard tote. Subtle, right?  VS Models. 

We Heart It. 

And oooooh yeah. Our fabulous photog Katie’s rockin’ our current obsession – the Current/Elliott Leopard Stiletto skinny jean with a deliciously coordinating iphone cover peepin our of her hard workin tush. We bow down to you, you little fiesty feline!

As per ALWAYS, we’ve got your leopard needs covered at Fancy Pants. Come unleash your inner cool cat!

xx FP



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