J Brand: A Love Story.

Once upon a time there was a fabulous denim brand whose quest was to flatter every form and twist and turn with the best of ’em without ever breaking a sweat. Or a seam.

It’s name was J Brand.

The End.

Princess Rhi Rhi sporting the ‘Maria’ High Waisted Power Stretch. Love the mini cuff with a nude pump.

Zoe Saldana in the one. the only. J Brand Power Stretch Legging in ‘Mazzaro’. In our humble Fancy opinion, this is THE dark denim must have of the season. We have been, um, “accidentally” wearing ours almost every day. Don’t. Tell.

“Let me be blunt,” said Emily. (not really). “… J Brand or no brand, foo.”

We get it, Hiedi. You’re a super model. But so are we when we’re rockin these skinnies with 6″ heels!

Parks and Recreation solemn beauty finally found something to smile about – we’re pretty sure it’s the j-j-j-jeans.

We dig Her Highness ‘s super casual look with a fitted tucked in button-down. See everybody. She’s just your average Joe! If Joe was the most fabulous modern day princess ever.

We’ve got your J Brand needs covered at FP. Come and get ’em.

xx FP


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