We’ve returned from our spring buying trip in LA with our minds dancing with fabulous frocks, vivacious color schemes and chic new ways to mix and match next season’s most spectacular looks. One of the easiest ways we were able to spot inspiration was represented in, well, our Reps. Fashion Brand Representative, that is.

So today’s post is dedicated to our ultra hot Haute Hippie Rep, Kristen.

Kristen is rocking the Haute Hippie Cropped Sequin Sweater (which we have on order for spring at Fancy Pants!), some uber chic leather leggings and leopard ballet flats. For us, the icing on the cake for this pairing is Kristen’s Heat Wave Nars lipstick (currently the best red according to Instyle), reminiscent of an old Hollywood shade of red semi-matte. Oh, fiddle-dee-dee! We can practically hear  Scarlett O’Hara traipsing through the estate!

Horizontal stripes with gold accents and a brilliant pop of red are one of our favorite timeless ensembles. We think a look is typically most successful when you don’t have a repeat of patterns, so stripes, leopard, black and red is a stellar equation. Keep it clean, but not dull! Kristen’s got it alllll figured out. A Fancy 10 in our book!

xx FP


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