Alice + Olivia = GENIUS.

When the weather has as many mood swings as we gals do every day (just kidding, ladies. Our mood never swings. Steady. As. A. Rock.) – sometimes we just need a little winter coat that understands us the way our significant others never will (just kidding, gentleman. You’re all perfect.)

The answer? The Alice + Olivia ‘Carter’ Parka.

This puppy is going to keep you warm and happy during the most bitterly cold winter days.

Do you see that fur bordered hood? Do you see it? That hood means business. BUT it also un-snaps if you’d prefer a more subtle hood.

That’s not all, folks. Not even close. Elements not conducive to keeping your head warm and dry? The hood also zips off completely. You can go hoodless. Hoodless, I tell you!

And here’s where we get a little crazy.

The coat’s interior faux fur lining ZIPS OUT and transforms itself into the most fabulous vest that ever walked the earth.

Check out those COLORS! And the texture! My goodness, the TEXTURE! It’s like butta’ !

The moral of this story is that it’s a no-brainer must-have. It’s waiting for you at Fancy Pants. But probably not for long. After all, it’s getting moody out there.

xx FP


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