Fashion Week is an official holiday, right?

We’re barely even skimming the surface of this fall’s greatest looks and we’re ALREADY swooning over next spring!

Can you blame us? The trends are DELICIOUS!

Now let’s explore some of the trend directions we’re seeing on Spring 2012 runways, shall we?

The gurus at WGSN assigned three key categories for this upcoming season. See if you can wrap your gorgeous mind around these little numbers.

1. Primal Futurism

Inspired by the creation of worlds being built rather than evolved, Primal Futurism references mythology, aggressive futurist structure, and primal instincts brought together through high design. Think: primitive textures, decorative art, and natural yet structural silhouettes.

2. Cinematic

Poetic and sensual environments that fuse romanticism and aggressive use of light filters, characterization, and colour for a mood that is neo-nostalgic – keeping the art, losing the history. The art of telling a story is imperative, the history of it is not.

3. JPEG Gen

Inspired by the constant circulation of random thoughts, imagery, and information today’s generation is exposed to, JPEG Gen emphasizes speed over process, edited storytelling, and absurdity. Random images are placed together to create ironic or witty design that often doesn’t make sense, and everything is inclusive.

First up on our radar is Helmut Lang collection, which debuted Nicole and Michael Colovos’ (husband-wife duo) first runway collection.

And we’re utterly satisfied with the result.

(Courtesy of

Other designers in their situation might’ve felt obliged to add a few bells and whistles, but not this husband-and-wife team. They’ve built a real business on the consistency of their clothes’ cool, urban vibe—lots of black, lots of leather, a sharply cut blazer for every slouchy T-shirt. And they didn’t veer from the course with their solid Spring collection. The jackets were cropped and cut away high in back; the pants had the easy sensibility of sweats; the tees (and there were plenty of them) were asymmetric, drapey, and layered.

For their prints, the Colovoses always riff on the work of a contemporary artist. This time it was Richard Serra. The oversize brushstrokes added the only note of color in the collection: sunshine yellow. The bra tops were something new (ditto the bared midriffs), but their customers will likely be happy to see them—try finding an edgy bra at Victoria’s Secret. The closing looks, with their collages of sequins, leather cording, and embroideries, were a step in a crafty-couture direction the Colovoses hadn’t explored before. But don’t call them showpieces. “We’d never put something on the runway that we didn’t believe in for sales,” Michael said. Now that’s a novelty.

xx FP


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