FP Style Icon… Chloe Sevigny

If androgyny and cool had a love child, her name would be Chloe Sevigny. The original Man Repeller, Chloe has never strayed from her inherent fashion instinct – high waisted trousers, mens button ups, wild-child blond stringy hair, neutral color palattes and somber presence. Despite criticism from a handful of fashion know-it-alls and befuddled men (in other words, no one important) Chloe has quickly established herself as a top-tier style guru, styling and editing for Elle UK and designing an exclusive line for boutique Opening Ceremony.

Marc Jacobs said it best when he told Harper’s Bazaar, “The fashion world is fascinated by her. Because not only is she talented, young and attractive, she stands out in a sea of often clichéd looking actresses.”

Images via Jagged Lace and Glass Slippers, Art In Fashion, Childhood Flames, Elle.com, Inspired Ani, Denimology,  Celeb Place,


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